Boost the Value of Your Home With Garage Conversions in York

Dream Projects North Ltd has long been planning and carrying out high quality home improvements in the York area. Popular projects we take on include loft and garage conversions, but our versatility allows us to take on all types of work for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.


On this page, we’ve looked to provide some assistance to homeowners who may not be sure how best to invest in their property. After all, with so many different possibilities, from property extensions to house refurbishments, how do you choose which is best for you? Using statistics and their own first-hand experience, our building contractors look to answer this question…

How to Invest in Your Home


Did you know that Brits spend over £30bn a year on home improvements? That’s £43m each week! Many of these improvements, from loft conversions and garage conversions to house refurbishments and property extensions, set out what they accomplish to do. Others are less effective, and some botched jobs even accomplish the exact opposite goal and lower value.


In a recent survey, it was found that around half of British property professionals believe that an extra bedroom is the best home improvement when it comes to adding value. In second place, a new-and-improved kitchen, followed by an extra bathroom and conservatory. Here’s some more information, and advice on making the most of your investment.


Property Extensions – A sure-fire way of adding value to a York property – property extensions. They add space, which is one of the most crucial elements in determining a home’s price, and are also a great means of modernising one which might be showing its age. Property extensions tend to cost £20,000+, but obviously this depends on what you’re going for. Single-storey, multi-storey or over-garage? It really depends where you can find enough space to build on. Quality property extensions can add over 11% to total value.


Extra Bathroom – Adding a bathroom can boost the average York property’s value by 5%. An en-suite is a great way to accomplish this, perhaps in conjunction with property extensions, loft conversions or garage conversions – which our building contractors can deliver from conception through to completion.


Open Plan Living Areas – One big trend that’s refused to go away is open plan living. Our building contractors can merge a kitchen and dining room into one room via house refurbishments, or as part of property extensions. We can accomplish this by knocking through a wall. They can add 6% to the value of your home.


Extra Bedroom – There are many ways to add a bedroom to your property, for example property extensions. But the most popular methods amongst York homeowners are loft conversions and garage conversions. The cost really depends on your initial infrastructure. Some people already have spacious lofts or garages with enough headroom to live in. Adding windows to bring in light and air, reinforcing the floor and adding a staircase may be enough structural work to allow for a new bedroom.


Others however, may need garage conversions or loft conversions that alter the shape/style of roofing you have. So costs can run from anywhere between £10,000 and £40,000. But extra-bedroom loft conversions can add over 10% value to your home, so they certainly pay-off. Garage conversions are very similar, and are an ideal option if your loft has already been brought up to date and is fulfilling a purpose.


One piece of advice we’d give to all York property owners is, if you are looking to increase the value of a home for a sale in the near future, consider what buyers are looking for. You might have a very unique and niche aesthetic taste. If your improvement of choice is purely for the benefit of you and your family, spread your wings and fly! But maximising value would mean choosing design schemes and colours that are “in-vogue” at the moment.


Unsure exactly what’s hot and what’s not? Contact our building contractors for advice. We deliver countless property extensions, house refurbishments, garage conversions and loft conversions – so we have to keep up to speed with trends within the industry.


Have an idea for a home improvement? Call our building contractors on 0142 2375 193. We are experienced with all the above projects, from property extensions to conversions.



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