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One of the most important parts of any home improvement project is the design phase. Without thorough, accurate plans the project is doomed from the start. So while we will work to existing architectural plans if required to, we take great pride in our in-house design service for everything from loft conversions to house refurbishments, property extensions to garage conversions.


Not all building contractors active around Halifax will handle design in-house, but we want to ensure every stage meets the same exceptional standards of workmanship that we market ourselves on. On this page, to assist homeowners who are starting to think about the details of their project, we’ve run through different elements to consider. We hope it will give you lots of food for thought, and assist you in making design decisions. To discuss your own ideas in detail, call Dream Projects North Ltd directly on 0142 2375 193.

What to Considering When Drawing up Home Improvement Plans


Space – For many, the main reason to invest in a home improvement is to create new space, or to optimise use of current space. If you find yourself short a decent amount, property extensions may be the way to go. Give thought to whether a single-storey rear extension will be enough new space. A multi-storey extension may be a better option for you.


Avoiding property extensions and opting for garage conversions or loft conversions is the preferred avenue for many Halifax homeowners. These are less likely to require planning permission, and depending on their current incarnation, often cheaper and quicker to complete. Our building contractors can turn a garage, loft or basement into an extra room to see as you see fit.  Likewise, home refurbishments can be about stream lining space, for example by turning two rooms into one airy, open-plan area. It’s all about what works for you.


The Big Picture – It’s vitally important you consider the big picture when planning house refurbishments, property extensions or conversions. Adding an extra room via a conversion is fantastic, but will it integrate within your wider design scheme? Likewise, we’d recommend property extensions blend in with your existing architecture, otherwise they may look out of place. Some homes get away with having an assortment of different colours and themes throughout, but this all needs meticulous planning to work.


Preserve Key Features – If your home boasts wonderful features like period fireplaces or an attractive chimney, why get rid of them? Property refurbishments, extensions and conversions can be just as much about restoring and repairing existing features as they are about adding new ones. Consider how these features can be centrepieces, and what new features will compliment them.


Consider Flooring – A hugely important part of any room is its flooring. It needs to be fit for purpose, attractive and comfortable. A carpeted kitchen is obviously a no-go, while many find that a vinyl-floored bedroom just isn’t very cosy. Think about how different types and styles of flooring can flow throughout a home. You want a seamless transition, perhaps thematically linked through colour or particular shapes, rather than a sudden and forced transition.


Get Creative – The main thing that sets home improvements apart from each other, and separates a great project from a truly brilliant one, is your creativity. But it’s also worth keeping in mind that if you’re planning to sell your property in the near future, you should be implementing features/decoration that is popular and sought after. So try to strike a balance between a unique expression of your personality, and something that will appeal to the average buyer.


Unlike many building contractors operating in and around the Halifax area, the Dream Projects North Ltd team works with cutting edge 3D modelling technology that allows you to visualise house refurbishments, property extensions, garage conversions and loft conversions. This not only helps you in deciding what features to include and shows you how the end product will look, it can help secure you planning permission if you require it.


To discuss your ideas for a refurbishment, extension or similar home improvement project, call up our Halifax-based building contractors on 0142 2375 193.



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