High Quality Garage Conversions in Halifax & York

Similar to loft conversions in that they take often neglected, sometimes ugly spaces and turn them into something both functional and attractive, our garage conversions represent a fantastic opportunity for Halifax and York homeowners. Not only can garage conversions add significant value to your property (up to 10%), but they can give you lots of extra liveable space without the need to move.


One advantage that garage conversions have over traditional property extensions, is that they rarely require planning permission. So if you live in a designated area or simply want to avoid the possibility of your local authority refusing permission, they’re ideal. If we make significant structural alterations, specifically those that result in the garage being larger than it originally was, we will need to get the green stamp from the local council. Don’t worry though, we’ll be on hand to help if this is the case, and can provide assistance and advice at every turn.


There’s really no recommended use for a garage conversion, it all comes down to what the individual client is looking for. An avid fitness fan in Halifax might think a new home gym with all the bells and whistles is the best option, while a family in York expecting a new addition might consider a nursery. During the initial planning phase, we’ll work with you to ensure all the little details that will make the conversion fit for your intended purpose are in place. We can even use 3D modelling software to show you exactly how the finished project will look.

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What’s Involved in Garage Conversions?


The main concern is to bring the space up to regulatory standards, ensuring it’s well ventilated, damp and mould free, not a fire hazard etc. Typically, we’ll start with looking at the foundations, floors and walls, ensuring they are strong and structurally sound. It’s also important that the garage is well insulated, so you aren’t losing heat from your property. Not only will this make the internal temperature difficult to control, but it will mean you pay more than you need to on your annual energy bill.


Connecting infrastructure like plumbing and electrical wiring, giving you access to all the essential amenities, is also a big phase of the conversion. Most garages lack enough power outlets for modern living, with all the different gadgets and appliances we use. Likewise, many were built when different electrical safety standards were in play. Making sure this infrastructure meets all current standards will go a long way to ensuring your conversion meets modern building regulations.


There’s also the roof to think about. Some garage roofs around Halifax and York simply aren’t up to scratch, and need to be extensively repaired or replaced entirely. New flat roof systems are a popular choice when this is the case, as they’re relatively cheap, quick to install and last a very long time.


Once we’ve accounted for all these key elements, we’ll head on to the plastering, joinery, decoration etc. It’s really down to you how much you want us involved for this phase. Some clients want a blank canvas to work with, others want professional building contractors to ensure the finish is up to the same exceptional standards as the aforementioned structural work.


Transform Basements into Quality Liveable Space


Another area in which our building contractors excel is basement conversions. While basements aren’t as commonly found in Halifax and York properties as in those across the pond, there’s still quite a few properties sitting on a fantastic opportunity sadly relegated to storage space or a general no-go zone.


A basement conversion can become a bedroom, games room, home office or gym – whatever you’ve got in mind. Much like garage conversions, the main thing is ensuring that your basement is well ventilated and insulated, damp and moisture free, while having the essential wiring/plumbing you need for its intended purpose.


To discuss your ideas for basement or garage conversions, call the expert building contractors at Dream Projects North Ltd in Halifax. Dial 0142 2375 193.



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Loft Conversions in York 13
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Loft Conversions in York 13
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